What Our Clients Says?

Ruth Hoskin Moore, Owner & Trainer
Ruth Hoskin Moore, Owner & Trainer
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Day 5, licking up breakfast. He cleaned up breakfast, lunch and supper for the first time in weeks!!
 Trainer Mitch Tierney
Trainer Mitch TierneyHorse-Wishyoudtellme
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Wishyoudtellme - Ever since adding advanced appetite on a daily basis he has been able to carry his weight and is eating 90% better after the race and recovers way quicker. He has since become a competitive Mohawk horse , this horse sold me on this product and now all my racehorses are on it daily and love it . Highly recommended

Advanced Appetite really helped our 3-year old filly trotter. She wouldn't eat without it and we saw results in a few days. Great product!

Paul Megens & Stacey Newman

I originally bought the product for a horse that had ulcers and been treated with omeprazole for a few months with little improvement. After a few days on Advanced Appetite, I was noticing him looking for grain at feed time. After a week I had the entire brn on and can't be more happy with the results. 

Mike Armstrong, Trainer & Owner

Amazed how your goop has worked in such a short time. The horse I put it on ate all his lunch in one go instead of snacking all day! 

Trainer Ben Hollingsworth

I look after a horse that was a super picky eater. Tummy troubles and such. We tried all the things with little success. I heard about "Green Goop" and had to give it a go. This boy is now excited to eat and asking for his food. Advanced Appetite is magical!

Erin Mc

This stuff is magic. Magic in a bottle!!! My only regret is that I  didn't find it sooner!!!

Angie Hurst, Owner of Out of the Ashes Animal Rescue

"My trotting colt has always been a picky eater! When he started racing, he went right off his feed, I started him on Green Goop, and within four days, he’s was eating a hole out of his bucket!!! Thanks, Green Goop! Crazy Fun says thank you too!" 

Leslie Joyce, Lifetime Trainer of Race Horses

 "My 3 yr old colt was diagnosed with an ulcer. After a month on omeprazole and only marginal improvement, Advanced Appetite happens by one day and offers to let me try this old recipe he was mixing up for one of his horses. Over a 3 day period, I weaned the colt off the omeprazole and started him on Advanced Appetite. Within days, Bubba is eating the bottom out of his feed bucket. He hasn't missed a meal since and getting his Green Goop is one of the highlights of his day."

Gary Anderson, Lifetime Trainer of Race Horses

"I had a few horses that were a bit slow to eat who we had on several supplements. I decided to try Advanced Appetite after hearing about it. On the 5th or 6th day, I couldn't believe the difference in the horses I started on it. I am now two months in with this product and they are looking good, feeling great and licking feed tubs clean. I highly recommend this product. Easy to use and the horses love it."

Jack Moiseyev, Trainer, Driver, Over 9,800 career wins and over 128 million in driving purses won