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Look what a differnce a week on Advanced Appetite can do for your horse.

Our Story

We are a small company with a simple purpose: to help horses with trouble eating by giving them a safe and all-organic solution, and we know it works!


This remedy has been passed down from a veterinarian to our founder. He was a horse trainer for all of his life. Many years ago, his vet told him to make a solution of chlorophyll, licorice root, slippery elm, and aloe vera. It worked like a charm!

For 14 years, he made it himself with the veterinarian’s instructions and used it on his horses. He recently realized that millions of horses worldwide have stomach issues and that this remedy was unknown to millions of horse owners. Most current supplements are pharmaceuticals that can cause long-term damage. Advanced Appetite, also known as Green Goop, is the exact opposite. Advanced Appetite is 100% natural

We love and care about horses, and with this magical horse elixir, our goal is to reach out to the world of horses and share our product. We know that horses not only love the taste of Advanced Appetite but that it is safe for them. Trainers cannot believe the change that happens. 

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